Channeling Your Idea Into an Original Design

At this point you should know your audience pretty well. Now it’s time to take this knowledge and apply it to the design itself. What kind of designs would your intended audience wear? Check out some examples where entrepreneurs successfully selected an audience and designed a shirt that they (and their fans) loved. 


With this highly successful shirt, engineers got to show off their profession as well as the full range of what it means to be an engineer. The designer of this t-shirt explained the process: 

We actually had two versions to start out with. One just said 'Engineering' while the other was 'Trust Me, I’m an Engineer.' We reached out to our audience and found out the second version was more popular. We then kept working on this version and kept receiving feedback from all the engineers and engineering students who followed our Facebook page. After many changes we then released it to our audience.

My inspiration in creating the design came from engineering. There are so many different disciplines in engineering that we could work with. We had electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and many more to work with! Engineering is a beautiful topic and each discipline in engineering has so much to offer. Looking into each discipline we tried designing a shirt that all engineers could relate to. We tried putting in what was popular in each discipline and we gathered this information from our audience.


Write down 2-5 ideas first and pitch those to the potential buyers 
you identified previously. Refine only the best ones. Remember that 
many successful designs go through a handful of attempts before 
finding the right one.