The New Facebook Pixel

There has been some confusion regarding the new Facebook pixel and how sellers can use it in conjunction with Teespring campaigns. We've created a short video series to answer some of the frequent questions we receive and help you use the pixel to maximize sales!

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The videos are in order below:

  1. New Facebook Pixel: Set-up & Use
  2. Conversion Tracking & Website Conversion ads: includes workaround for separating buyers based on niche 
  3. Custom Audiences, Retargeting, and Lookalike Audiences: includes workaround for creating new audiences 

Video 1: How to set up and use the new pixel

What are the differences between the old Facebook pixels and the new one? Find out how to set up and use the new pixel for your Teespring campaigns in the video below.

VIDEO 2: Conversion tracking & how to set up website conversion ads 

What are the advantages to using Website Conversion Ads? How can you separate buyers based on their niche with the new pixel? Get the answers to these questions and receive more helpful info in this video.

Video 3:  Retargeting and LookAlike Audiences

Find out how to create a bucket of page visitors for your retargeting ads, and how to create new Lookalike audiences based on past buyers. 

Breakdown of Facebook Ad Tools

In the videos above we discuss several different Facebook Ad tools you can use for conversion tracking and custom audiences. We've created a summary image below of the different tools and how you can use them to clear up any confusion.