Gymnastics - Score the Perfect 10!

You hit the sand for Beach Volleyball in April, but now it’s time to trade your swimsuits for leotards. Gymnastics is an sport that requires strength, endurance and a little bit of style. That’s why for this month’s challenge winners will need to exemplify all three to earn a spot on the podium!

Challenge #4: Gymnastics

To win: Now’s the time to dig deep and master a brand new niche! No one ever scores a perfect ten without practice, so start doing some research (check out page XXX for some fresh inspiration!)

At the end of March, the sellers with the most units sold in an entirely new niche will take home a Teelympic medal.

To qualify a “new niche” campaign, enter “Teelympics” as one of the tags along with a description of your design’s category.