Teelympic June Challenge: Platform Diving

Dip your toes into new waters! Take home $2 extra for every sales you make selling tees on non FB platforms. 

We know that if online advertising platforms competed in the Teelympics, Facebook would take home the gold medal every time. But while Facebook’s targeting tools have long reigned king, other social media platforms are quickly picking up steam. How do we know? We’ve recently seen more and more Springers have great success on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!

For June’s Teelympic challenge, we want you to dive head first into a different method of advertising. The rules are simple: use Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or elsewhere to drive traffic to your campaign (paid, or otherwise). At the end of June, we’ll take a look at traffic sources to determine how many units you’ve sold off of FB - and give you $2 extra for each one!

So don’t be scared to make a splash, Springers, it’s time to take a leap of faith! Score the perfect 10!  Give us the best combo of skill, originality, and bravery and win big. See you at the pool!