The Ten-Step Checklist to Success

1) Pick Your People : Before you make your design, think about who you want to buy your products.
  • Do you have a group you’re already a part of?

  • Do you have an audience in mind that you’re not yet a part of? Is there a way to join, or find that audience?

  • A few examples:

2) Play Investigator : Research, research, research that audience.
  • What are they passionate about? What would they be willing to get in an argument about? 

  • What would they know that people outside of their audience wouldn’t?

  • What shirts currently exist for that audience, if any?

  • Where do they hang out, online or offline? 

3) Get Inspired : Build your design, choose your products.
  • Check out other apparel options on Instagram, Pinterest, Dribble, Reddit, Facebook Communities, and anywhere else they might congregate.

  • How does your audience talk? What sort of humor do they relate to?

  • Know of any good puns or popular memes? Any relevant current events? 

  • Here's a good example of inspiration for a wine-themed shirt: 

4) Get Creative : Build your design, choose your products.
  • Make sure that your design is original! To learn about intellectual property, check out our guides

  • For a higher profit margin and a lower base price, choose a one or two color design.

5) Use Teespring Tools to Boost Sales : Utilize tools & features in your dashboard
  • In your Teespring account you'll find tools like storefronts, buyer messages and promotions.

  • Increase campaign visibility and sales using features like upsells and the Teespring marketplace; you can opt-in for these features within your seller account settings

6) Promote Your Campaign : Tell the world about your tees!
  • If you're promoting your campaign organically (without any paid advertising)...

    • Commit to a specific number of posts as well as a way to evaluate each and optimize accordingly.

    • Focus on your champions - create more of those!

  • If you'd like to use paid advertising to promote your campaigns...

    • AdEspresso offers a great 101 guide to Facebook advertising. 

    • When launching a new Facebook ad, let it run for about $25 worth of spend over a 12 - 36 hour period.

7) Track Your Campaign : Use pixels to get more insight
  • Now that you've got a basic understanding of Facebook Ads, it's time to delve a little deeper and look into Conversion Tracking, Retargeting and Google Analytics

8) Monitor Your Results : Make data based decisions
  • Keep an eye on your campaign’s performance.

    • Use Teespring Analytics and tracking pixels to gain insight like sales per date, sales by advertising tool, best selling products and colors, buyers by location and more!

    • Use Facebook Analytics to track important metrics like conversions, costs, reach, CTR, clicks and ad spend.

  • Review your results to make a data based decision; after 12 - 36 hours if your ad is not getting conversions or engagement it's time to stop the ad and revise targeting, tee design and/or ad image.

9) Scale & Experiment : Maximize your winning campaigns
  • If you've found a winning campaign...

    • Scale Up: If your campaign and ads generated a lot of engagement and conversions launch them again and increase ad budget to expand your buyer audience.

    • Scale Out: Adapt your design and ads for new niches; for example, if you have a successful "mechanical engineers" campaign why not adapt it for civil engineers, chemical engineers, etc.? You can also expand your buyer market; if a design worked well in the USA it might work in the UK too!

  • If you're still searching for a winner...

    • Try tweaking your design or seek advice from buyers; share a few potential designs with them to vote on. People feel more attached to a product they helped bring to life.

    • Try out different forms of promotion, and note the ones that are working best. Are you seeing a spike in sales after you post something featuring someone actually wearing the shirt, compared to just posting the link? Are one of your Facebook ads working better than the other?

  • Check out this example - one ad image performed much better than the other. 

10) Set-up for Future Success : Whether your campaign fails or suceeds, make sure you’re ready to go again!
  • Once your campaign finishes, sincerely thank your buyers for purchasing using the messaging feature. 

  • Make sure to save them as an audience with a specific genre in your dashboard in case you'd like to reach out with products they might be interested in later. 

Now, you're ready to reach (and maybe even exceed) your goals! If you need any help along the way, we're here for ya.