Welcome to Germany!

German speaking countries include:

  1. Germany
  2. Switzerland
  3. Austria
  4. Luxembourg


Even though these are four completely different countries you may find that some niches work well in more than one; test various niches and designs and when you find one that works see if the same design performs well in another country, or in the same country but in a different language (Switzerland has 4 official languages for example).

Language tips and translation example

If you target German speaking markets, it’s always recommended to translate your design, except in cases in which the message is clearly made to be kept in English, like the popular British quote: “KEEP CALM AND…” or similar (very simple) kinds of messages. It’s very common for people in these countries to be bilingual or even trilingual; especially with younger audiences (40 and younger) knowing how to speak English is “cool” so you could try using designs in English (but make sure the campaign description and the FB ad copy are in German).

In the German language, the ending of adjectives/adverbs and the article can change depending on the gender of the nouns you use. If you particularly want to address women don’t forget to pay attention to the gender of the nouns you use [e.g. teacher: Lehrer (male), Lehrerin (female)]. It’s always a good idea to check with your translator[1]  about the gender-specific words in your design – and to make sure you target the correct gender with your ads!

Sample German campaign description:

Nur für kurze Zeit – Endet am (date). September!

Nicht im Geschäft erhältlich. 

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English version:

Limited Time Only – Ends on the (date) of September!

Not Sold in Stores.

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