Powerusing Teespring's designer

New to Teespring? This is the perfect place to start. In this section, we’ll bring you up to speed with how to utilize text, simple images, and colors to create an awesome tee design using only Teespring’s designer. 

The beauty of this section is to show you that you can make huge statements without saying much at all. In fact, many iconic and fashionable tees are simply words printed boldly on cotton.


If your tee is text-based, then choosing the right font is the first step. 

A simple message, word, or phrase can be accentuated, made funny, made classic, made whimsical, made anything -- simply based on the font you use.

In the Teespring Designer, you have the option to play around with a number of different fonts which will allow you to elicit a variety of feelings with your design.


After picking your font, the next step is deciding what color you want your text to be, while keeping in mind how the color will look against the garment itself. Feel free to go crazy and explore. Just keep in mind that certain colors (and color combinations) have preexisting connotations to specific feelings, moods, or even brands. Think of how the San Francisco Giants are associated with orange and black, or Facebook with blue.

In fact, you can more effectively make your point by playing around with existing color associations. For instance, you can make your text feel soft, unimposing and comforting simply by using more warm, pastel colors. Conversely, you can create a “popping” effect by pairing colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum.  To learn more about ‘complementary,’ ‘analogous’ or ‘triad’ colors, we encourage you to experiment with Adobe's Kuler color wheel.

If you really want to create a stir and give in to your creativity, try breaking existing associations. What would happen if you took your text, design, or idea and used the opposite color of what you had originally planned? What emotions and feelings would arise?

Note that when using Teespring you are limited to using 10 colors in your design.
We screen print our designs, a method which produces an incredibly high quality print. However, such high-quality printing does limit the number of colors that we can print upon one garment. The more colors you choose, the more expensive it is to produce. Therefore, whenever possible, we recommend sticking to 1-3 colors for each design.


Using graphics is also a great place to start for inspiration. Start with something you know, create something simple, then mix things up. Create something new and funky.


First, pick a single word that speaks to you. Then:

Color - Pick a base color for your shirt or for your word. Eyeball it on Kuler and find its complementary color. See how it looks on the shirt. If you don’t like it, try looking at the analogous or triad colors.
Font - Now look at the design with one font from each of the sub-sections in Teespring’s designer (Popular, Foreign, Grunge). How does it look?
Artwork - Find a piece of art that works in conjunction with your chosen word. Drop it in. How does it look?

Take your time to be creative; don’t rush! Let yourself play. See what happens when you pause your critical eye for a moment.