Hiring a Professional Designer

General information

If you’re new to design, sometimes it’s easier to hand your design idea over to a professional designer. To ensure that the design you pay for is the one you imagined, we recommend that you come into the agreement with a clear and specific idea for your design. Prior to your first meeting, take a moment to jot down:

  •  The idea for your shirt. Be as specific as possible, and feel free to bring a rough sketch. (Stick figure models are okay!)

  • The style you’re aiming for. Feel free to find photos and images of ideas you like, so that you can give specific advice to your designer. (“I want something like this!”)

  • The colors you want included

  • Any type fonts you like

  • The type of t-shirt you’d like it printed on (light, dark, white, grey)

The more details you can provide your designer, the more more he or she will appreciate it and be able to deliver you the best possible final product!


Although Teespring doesn’t officially partner with any freelancer sites, we’ve heard good things about the following companies. Each gives you access to designers with a broad range of experience. At each site, you can post a description of your project and your budget, and available designers will reply back to you. 

When working with freelance designers, you’ll want to ask for a vector file “.eps cs5 format,” with a clear background. Once you have the design you can upload it directly on our website.

  • Freelancer.com - A website that aggregates people who are specialists in their field (such as graphic designers!) looking for additional work.  You choose the hourly rate you’re willing to pay.  

  • Craigslist - You can post your design concept and the rate you’re willing to pay to craigslist under the “Art/Media/Design” gigs.  

  • Fiverr – A website where you can find people willing to create designs starting at $5!

  • ODesk – A website to hire freelancers. You can either pay someone a flat fee or an hourly rate to create your design.

  • Behance - A website that lets you hire creative freelancers.  Click “Post A Job” to get started. Though more expensive than the other options, the site also yields substantially more design submissions to choose from.

As you decide who to hire, keep in mind whether a designer’s past work is a good fit for your needs, and how quickly he or she responds to your messages. Communication is key to getting a great, final product!