A brief history of time and tees

T-shirts are called t-shirts, brilliantly, for their shape resembling the letter “T”.

They came into common usage in the US sometime around the Spanish-American war when the Navy began issuing them as standard undergarments. In the early 40s printing began appearing on t-shirts.

And by the 1950s, heartthrobs like Marlon Brando and James Dean were modeling it and turning heads. The t-shirt was rapidly adopted as an American standard.

The beauty of the  t-shirt is it can be a way to wear memories, a fashion item, a canvas for self-expression, or a public forum for announcing allegiances, feelings, and beliefs.

At Teespring we want to empower everyone to be able to design and sell their own tees and other merchandise. In an effort to make it even easier, we want to walk you through the steps to creating a great design, regardless of any prior experience.