Universal Principles of Design

Hey. Something feels off? Scroll through these basic principles of design to help gauge where your image may feel off. It can also be very helpful to experiment with different design principles and see how that affects your design and what it transmits.


A sense of equilibrium.


The consideration of parts in relation to the whole.


Variety of color and texture that allows the viewer to differentiate elements.


Simplicity. Stripping the design to only what’s necessary for clearest communication.


The way the design guides you through viewing itself.


Design elements can be arranged to highlight the important pieces.



The elements of the design are imparted with the above qualities based on how they are situated in space, how much room they have, and how they are placed in relation to each other.

Please keep in mind while designing: Teespring’s designer only allows a maximum of 10 colors on a white shirt, and 8 on a colored shirt, due to the limitations of screen printing. Photographs can contain thousands of colors, even when they look grey or monotone the gradients and shading can cause them to contain many many tones.