Welcome to Teespring Europe

The opportunity to create a t-shirt business in Europe is tremendous. There are 582 million internet users and 251 million Facebook users, all of whom have a variety of unique passions and interests. Because the custom apparel business is newer in Europe there are a ton of untapped niches that you can access far less expensively than those in the US.

Teespring’s platform makes buying in Europe a world-class experience, so all you have to worry about is creating a campaign and finding an audience. We handle the rest with localized campaign pages, European shipping times and rates and customer service in 18 languages and every EU timezone.

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Creating t-shirts for European buyers is just like doing it in America. English campaigns work well, but you can also translate designs into other languages and research new niches and interests all over Europe.

We’ll go through the 3 Major approaches:

  1. Selling designs in English
  2. Translating a design
  3. Exploring new European niches

And from there we'll dive into detail on regional markets. Read on to learn how to start focusing on Europe!