We've said this before, but we'll say it again : success on Teespring comes down to three things. 

1 - Your Audience : Figure out how you're selling to, and how you'll find them

2 - Your Design : Make the tee that your audience will love

3 - Your Promotion : Get your tee in front of your audience.

Each one of these has their own section here in Teespring University. But what do they look like when you put them all together? We'll show you a few examples.

Example 1: Chihuahua Lovers

You've probably heard of finding a great "niche" on Teespring. Different than just a group of people, a niche is more specific. For example, rather than create a shirt for dog lovers we might instead create a shirt for Chihuahua lovers who live in Texas, and who are also female. 

Next, we want to create a design for our shirt that matches our audience. Sometimes it's as simple as the example ad we've included below! After we design the shirt, we want to create the image we'll use in the advertisement. Stick to a high-resolution image that matches the content of your shirt.

Next, we're ready to start with the creation of our Facebook ad. To learn more about Facebook advertisements, you can read our promotion section, watch our videos, or check out this comprehensive 101 guide from our friends at AdEspresso.

Our targeting here should look something like this:

We have a reach of 78,000 people. Awesome! Now let's set our budget.

We're all set! We have a Facebook advertisement ready for launch.