Facebook Advertising 

The most successful campaigns find not only an audience, but an incredibly passionate audience. A few examples of topics that people are often passionate about: their hometown, their nationality, their political or religious affiliations, their careers, and their hobbies.   

Example 2: Married Male marathon runners

This time around, we're all about alliteration- married males who love to run marathons!  The intersection of that audience looks like this: 

Just like before, it's time to create our shirt design and advertisement. We wanted to create a play on the familiar phrase "He's A Ten," with a funky new twist that would speak to our target audience. Here's what we came up with!

Now that we've got our shirt and our advertisement locked and loaded, we need to sort out our advertising. Here's what we went with for this campaign: 

We can see here that we have an initial reach of 640,000 people. Hmm, that's a pretty large number! To figure out the best audience, we'll do a little bit of experimentation.

Let's create three separate ads, each with the same stipulations (location, relationship status, etc.) except for age. They'd each look something like this:

After 48 hours, we'll want to investigate the engagement and conversion rates on each ad. The ones that are underperforming should be stopped, and the ones that are performing the best should be given larger budgets and optimized even further (by testing location, for example). 

While experimentation requires a few extra steps, it allows you to find the most passionate members of your audience. Not only is this information valuable for future campaigns, it also ensures that you get the highest return on your advertising investment!