Facebook Advertising 

Sometimes you have an idea for a shirt, but the intended audience is intimidatingly large. Let's say we wanted to create a shirt for people who like welding, for example. Facebook tells us that audience is over one million people.

Rather than "bid" against all the other businesses and companies targeting that audience, a good strategy is to "layer" your audience. In other words, find a sub-group within that audience and create a shirt for them. 

Example 3: Welding Grandfathers

We've added another qualifier to our audiencenot only must they like welding, but they also must be a grandfather. This gives us a much more manageable audience, and a better idea of what our design should look like. 

Now we want to create a design and an ad that speak to both traits of our audience–being a grandfather, and being a welder. A popular trend in tees is to excite the audience with positive language or with a comparison. A few phrases we've seen on best selling shirts are:

  • "Some Men Play Sports, Real Men Play Rugby"
  • "I'm A Mom And A Lawyer - What's your Superpower?
  • "Made in 1955 - 60 Years of Being Awesome!"
  • "Chef - Because Culinary Beast Isn't An Official Job Title"

We'll do the same on our shirt - "Just Like A Normal Grandpa, Only Much Cooler." Additionally, we'll make sure that the background of the ad has an image that appeals to welders.

Take a peek at our advertising for this campaign - as you can see, it was pretty simple! By adding an extra layer to our audience, we were able to siphon a huge audience into a much more manageable one. 

For this ad, we set out with a test budget of $20.00 per day. Once we see engagement and conversion rates increase (to the extent that they both covered ad costs, and returned a profit) we'll increase our budget accordingly.