What’s a better way to learn about a country than asking a native? We’ve taken advantage of the Teespring Team’s multinational background and asked our French colleagues to share cultural insight with our seller community:

Let’s talk about… the French humor!

“When adventuring into the territory of humor, sarcasm and irony, we are quite different from, for example, British or Americans. We tend to take things a bit more literally and seriously, and we’re not generally amused by British subtleties (or some of us do not catch them at all!)... We rather like dark humour! Another thing that amuses us a lot, for example, are the imitations of politicians, particularly when someone has goofed.

We also like to mock other cultures a lot. For instance, we like making fun of Belgian people, so we tell jokes about them like ‘Pourquoi un Belge enlève-t-il ses lunettes pendant un alcotest ? Parce que ça fait déjà 2 verres en moins’ (Why does a Belgian guy take his glasses off when tested for alcohol? Because that makes already two glasses less than before). Funny, isn’it? ;)”