Teespring Holiday FAQs

Thanks for visiting our Holiday FAQ page! As you read the below information, be sure to write down anything that you would like clarification on. This Monday Walker Williams (Teespring CEO) and Brian Marcus (VP of Seller Growth) will address your questions in our 2015 Seller Update Q+A Webinar! (Choose 9AM EST or 5PM EST) Enter questions before Monday's Webinar in this form.

HOLIDAY UPDATE PART 1: Expanded Deadlines                 


What is the last selling day for holiday delivery? We’re expanding the final selling day for Domestic shipping to Dec 15th, and Dec 7th for International shipping. Domestic is considered as EU for Teespring EU region campaigns and US for Teespring US region campaigns. This applies to apparel units only. Stickers & Sticker-only campaigns must end on or before Dec 10th for delivery by Christmas.

How does this program work? We’ve negotiated with print partners, shipping providers & vendors to get you the  best possible rates & service levels during this peak season. Teespring will subsidize a significant portion of the higher  shipping rates & fulfillment costs during this peak seasonal period. For a modest investment of $2 per apparel unit sold charged to Sellers, each campaign ending between Dec. 11th - Dec 15th will qualify for guaranteed delivery before Dec 25th. Campaigns scheduled to end between Dec 11th - Dec 15th  are automatically opted-into the extended holiday selling window. There is no upfront cost; the $2 per unit fee will simply be deducted from profits for each unit sold between Dec 11th and Dec 15th.                     

Note: We will maintain 2 days of "blackout" following the extension, meaning that Sellers will not be able to end campaigns on Dec. 16 & Dec. 17th. These blackout days are intended to help our network of partners effectively manage the surge of orders expected during the extended selling window.                    

How do I participate? Sellers can participate in this selling extension by simply creating a campaign that ends between Dec 11th  and Dec 15th. The subsidized cost will only apply to apparel units that sell during these 5 days, from a campaign ending during those days. This is true for campaigns on the US & the EU platform.                    

What if I don’t want to participate / don’t want to be charged for holiday fulfillment? If you choose to not participate in this selling extension, you need to end your campaigns on or before  Dec 10th in order for those shipments to arrive in time for the holidays. In order to opt-out of this program, do not launch campaigns that end between Dec 11th and Dec 15th.


How long will Teespring extend its satisfaction window? Buyers have until January 31st, 2016 to reach out to our customer satisfaction team with any concerns to enjoy our 100% happiness guarantee on their Holiday orders. This timeframe applies to all campaigns ending between Nov 28 - Dec 15, 2015, regardless of when the order is received. There is no cost to Buyers or to Sellers for this program.            

Will Teespring continue to offer extended satisfaction after the holidays? Campaigns ending after Dec 15th will remain eligible for our standard satisfaction window, which is 30 days after buyers receive their item.


Is it too late to win a prize in the Holiday Contest? Absolutely not! Tees the Season started on October 15th, and we will count any sales you've made since then towards your running total. Plus, we'll award prizes and gifts along the way to sellers of all levels. Read more and sign up on our blog

Holiday Update Part II: Expanded Marketing Reach


What is Teespring launching?  We’re launching an email marketing program which will allow participating Sellers to amplify their profits on Teespring, with no additional work or effort.

How does it work? By opting into the Teespring Email Marketing program, Sellers can generate passive income by allowing other Teespring campaigns to be marketed to their past Buyers. In return, Sellers will have their active campaigns marketed to other Teespring Buyers. Many of these Buyers were previously unable to access additional content or campaigns, so they will be incremental new customers for most Sellers. The new program is optimized and actively managed, to mitigate the risk of sales cannibalization.  

What kind of content will past buyers be seeing? Starting this holiday season, Teespring will launch a series of emails focused on showing a wide variety of campaigns to a diverse audience of shoppers. Whether your design pops up in a “best of” category or rises to the top in a “best of” promotion, these emails are focused on helping high quality campaigns reach a broader audience.

Who profits from the sale? If a Buyer makes a purchase stemming from one of Teespring’s marketing emails, each seller - including both the “originator” (the Seller who first brought that Buyer to Teespring) and the “converter” (the Seller who created the converting campaign) - will receive an equal cut of the proceeds. Teespring will deduct a small marketing fee to cover its costs.

How will Teespring treat Buyer data? In order to respect Buyer privacy and consistent with our Privacy Policy, Teespring will not share Buyer data with the converting Seller if the purchase was driven by Teespring marketing. Additionally, the converting Seller will not be able to send email marketing messages to the Buyer.  

Why is Teespring launching this program? Expanding Seller success is a priority for us, and we truly value the high quality designs and customers you’ve contributed to the Teespring network. Through the Email Marketing Program, we hope to unleash incremental sales opportunities for all of our Sellers, and in doing so create new monetization opportunities for all.

In recent months, we tested Teespring email marketing campaigns with Buyers. The results showed that we can drive a 10 - 15% increase in sales without affecting the performance of existing Seller email campaigns.  Millions of people have purchased Teespring products, many of them purchasing several items. With so many data points, we have a better understanding of what types of items a given Buyer will purchase next. With this insight, we can make sure the right products end up in front of the right customers.  We are confident that the sales generated from the email program are incremental to Sellers.

What can I do to have my designs be featured in Teespring marketing? Make sure to opt-in to our Email Marketing Program! We’re always looking for high-quality, engaging designs that will encourage repeat shopping.

Is this a global program? Currently, this program is for Teespring US-only, but we hope to expand it to include Teespring Europe soon.


How does Teespring's Marketing Boosters program work? Today, Teespring offers a free retargeting program that generates sales by putting your campaign in front of Buyers who have visited campaigns on Teespring, but didn’t purchase on their first visit. This program drives a significant portion of overall sales on Teespring, and we will continue to offer this service for free to all Sellers. This is a part of our Basic Boosters feature.

We are now announcing the rollout of an additional feature called Premium Boosters: an automated way for Sellers to generate extra sales via a pay-for-performance (CPA) advertising model. This new feature enables Sellers to get even more exposure via retargeting. Again, the Basic Boosters program - which offers free retargeting - will continue to be available to all Sellers, even if a Seller has not opted-in to Premium Boosters.

With Premium Boosters, Sellers contribute a portion of their profit margin to the existing Teespring retargeting budget - so that our collective dollars can be pooled to reach a wider audience. For every sale Sellers make via the Premium Boosters feature, Sellers contribute $4.00 and keep the remainder of the profit. You will not be charged unless a Teespring ad drives you a sale. 

How can I view which sales have come from Teespring Marketing Boosters? The GET variables table in Seller campaign analytics will indicate which sales have come through this program.

How much will this cost Sellers? Where will this charge appear? For sales driven by the Premium Boosters program, you will contribute $4 from your profit margin. There is no risk to the program and the $4 advertising contribution will only be deducted on sales directly driven by the Premium Boosters program (after the purchase is completed).  

How do I participate in Teespring Marketing Boosters? To participate in the program, Sellers must opt-in to the Boosted Marketing program in their Dashboard Settings.

What if I don’t want to participate in Marketing Boosters? If Sellers created their Teespring accounts before November 11, 2015, they will be opted-out of boosted retargeting by default. In order to opt-in, Sellers will have to do so manually by visiting their Dashboard Settings and checking the option for Boosted Marketing.

Holiday Update Part 3: Pricing Rebalance

What are the new prices?

Effective for all campaigns launched or relaunched as of Monday, November 16 , 2015 (US-only):

Campaigns Less Than or Equal to 9 Units (No Color Limit)

Per Unit Pricing Impact
Single SidedMin. $1.00 Price Reduction
Double SidedMin. $1.00 Price Reduction

Campaigns More than 9 Units

Per Unit Pricing Impact
Single Sided$0.37 Price Increase
Double Sided$0.56 Price Increase

Why change pricing now? Teespring is always testing, optimizing, and evolving. As we grow as a company and as a community, we’ve taken a hard look at every moving piece of the business, noting the areas that we need to tighten up or make more efficient. Most importantly, we listened to you. One of the areas you emphasized clearly is the need to address pricing - namely that low volume prices are important to you for finding profitability and winners, faster.

When will these new prices take effect? These new prices will take effect on Monday, November 16th, 2015, and are only applicable to campaigns fulfilled in US. The new prices will be effective for all campaigns, while the Volume Discount Program (read more below) is opt in. 

Will this pricing change apply globally? Currently, the new prices will affect campaigns fulfilled in the US only. For now, Teespring EU pricing will not change.

Volume Discount Program  

What is the Volume Discount Program - and how does it work? The Teespring Volume Discount Program was put into place to encourage Sellers to maximize their efforts with Teespring. Sell more, test more. It is a virtuous cycle.

Those Sellers that invest the most in Teespring, should enjoy the benefits of their efforts. We are excited to offer this program to our Sellers in the hopes that they will take their savings and reinvest in their own programs. You win, we win.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign Up: To participate in the Volume Discount Program, opt in by entering your Teespring Email Address in THIS FORM

  • Qualification: Your tier is determined by the number of units you sell in a month. Once you've earned a tier, the volume discounts are applied to all sales the following month. Sales made on Teespring EU do count towards your monthly unit total. Note: Only Apparel units will count towards this total. 

  • Timing of Discount Credit: The discount will be calculated based upon total unit volume from apparel units from campaigns ending inside the month, and credited to a Seller’s account at the end of the current month. Sellers can then withdraw the savings anytime after that.

  • Communication of Credit: Your total discount is calculated at the end of each month, and then applied to your account in the payouts section. You should expect to see your discount credit in your account within a week of the end of a month.

  • Introductory offer: To kick off the Volume Discount Program, we are allowing you to apply your November sales towards a discount for the month of November. This is essentially a your "free" month of discounts! Additionally, your November sales will determine your qualifying discount tier for December. Sign up before November 30th to claim this offer!

What are the savings per unit? The breakdown of savings per unit is as follows:

Tiers 7000 & Above 4000-6999 3000-3999 2000-2999 1000-1999 100-999 0-99
Savings per Unit -$4.00 -$3.50 -$3.25 -$3.00 -$2.75 -$2.20 -$1.00

How does this change benefit me? High-volume sellers will experience limited changes in fees and can benefit from these updates by activating more low-volume campaigns, while maintaining high total volumes  on Teespring. Savings can be used to subsidize testing on low-volume campaigns. This change will allow sellers to be profitable more quickly, and profit from each sale in an Evergreen fashion.

How do the Volume Discounts impact pricing?

Effective for all campaigns launched or relaunched on Friday, November 16, 2015 (US-only):  

  • For Pricing Less than or Equal to 9 units:

    • Across the board pricing decrease of $1.00.  This discount gets incrementally better as you scale your unit volume.

    • Pricing will be lowered by $2.25 -$4.00, depending on Tier. For example, a White Hanes Tagless Tee that costs $14.75 without the discount, is effectively as low as $10.75, when applying future discounts.

      • $14.75 - $4.00 (max tier) = $10.75

  • Prices for campaigns with Greater than 9 units:

    • Single-sided prints will increase by $0.37  

    • Double-sided prints will increase by $0.56

How can I participate in the Volume Discount Program? You will need to opt-in to the Volume Discount Program. To opt-in, please enter your Teespring Email address in THIS FORM. The Volume Discount will be calculated for unique seller accounts, we will not consolidate sales from two different User IDs. 

When is the first month for savings? You can start earning volume discounts today! Your sales in November will not only determine your discount pricing for December, but we will also apply that discount pricing retroactively to all sales in November.

When can I withdraw my savings? The savings will be calculated on units sold on all campaigns ending in the current month, and credited to your Seller account month within a week of the end of a month. You can then withdraw the cash anytime after that.

How will I be notified about my savings? At the end of each month, we will send Sellers an email regarding their tier qualification for the next month.

How will savings credits be delivered? The savings will show up as a single line item in a Seller’s account.

Join us on Monday for our 2015 Seller Update Q+A Webinar! (Choose 9AM EST or 5PM EST). Walker Williams, Teespring CEO, and Brian Marcus, VP of Seller Growth, will be online to answer any questions you might have. Enter questions or topics before Monday in the Webinar's SIGNUP FORM.