Discovering a New Niche

Discovering a new niche can be a great way to enter into an untapped market. With a little bit of work you can find a group of people who have never seen custom apparel for their interests ever before.

If you want to find new, untapped niches throughout Europe just follow these steps!

Find Popular Interests and Trending Topics

Looking for what’s popular in a country is good way to target a completely new European niche. Look to Social Searcher, Google News, Bing News, Twitter and Facebook Trending Topics for new content.

What are the main topics people are talking about today in European countries? What are the major interests? Is there a group of people particularly passionate about a certain cause or hobby? Do you think they’ll be likely to buy and wear a t-shirt showing support for this movement or group? If the answer to these questions is “yes” then you’ve found an audience!

Then find out what people are saying about it

Once you’ve found a topic you can find out how people feel about it by look at social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr can be great sources of inspiration.

If you’ve found an interest in a country, you can find fan pages relating to it and see what people are saying about it. How do they talk about it? What gets them going and what are their favorite phrases? You can even join the conversation and ask them what kind of apparel they’d like to see. A lot of people can speak English and love to discuss their passions.

And Find Design Inspiration

Once you’ve found a niche and found out how people talk about it, you just need to create the design. You can learn about the aesthetic taste of your niche by searching for existing apparel.

On Etsy and Pinterest, for example, search for “personalized [niche] t-shirt” to see the most recent unique tees created and on sale. You will likely find designs in German and French as well. If you don’t, you can use the French or German translation of“personalized [niche] t-shirt” as your keyword - just use Google Translator.

Do you see a design you think might work, or that worked in the past? Have a look first at the popularity of that niche in that country (to make sure it still has enough passionates) and then try to use the same niche (of course, changing the design!) for your next European campaign.