Selling Designs in English

If you have a design that was successful in the US you might be able to re-use it in Europe without any changes. You can start by targeting English-speaking countries like the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

Additionally, many European countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Switzerland have large English speaking populations.

Percent of English speakers  in European countries

Percent of English speakers  in European countries

To get started selling English campaigns in Europe have a look at your top-selling campaigns and do the following:

  1. Google if there is an audience for it in the country you want to target (e.g. is that sport played in the UK as well)
  2. Skim one/two forums or articles to see if there are any major differences in that niche
  3. If there are no major differences then check the audience size in Audience Insights on Facebook. Simply choose the same targeting you would use for the US and only change the target country.
  4. As the US is much larger than the UK you might have to add a few interests to increase the audience size (ideally between 50k – 150k people).
  5. Set up your campaign on Teespring EU with the same design and the same or slightly expanded targeting.

And that’s it!

A simple yet effective strategy that does not require translation is focusing on expats. People who live far from their native country are usually nostalgic for their homeland and more prone to showcase their national pride; a unique custom t-shirt can be the perfect way to do that! 

A design featuring the text “I might live in [the UK], but I’ll always be from [Paris]” is a great example of an expat design!

Making Adjustments

Sometimes all you need to do is make some minor adjustments to a design before targeting a new EU market.

Spelling - Keep in mind that there are some spelling differences between American and British English like mom = mum, color = colour, etc. So if you have a design for moms then make sure you spell it “mums” on the tee.

Example: I’m a tattooed mum – just like a normal mum except much cooler.

Adjusting for New Niches - A lot of popular designs can be applied to new audiences simply by amending a few keywords. For example, if you want to use a phrase like “Softball Mom – some dream their entire life of meeting their favorite player, I raised mine”, you would just need to google if that sport is popular in British schools as well. In you research you will quickly notice that the British are much more interested in rugby and that softball hardly exists there. So simply replace “softball” with rugby, make any spelling adjustments needed (mom = mum, favorite = favourite) and you’ll be ready to go!