Pricing Rebalance for Selling Success 

You spoke, and we listened! To make low-volume campaigns more profitable and to provide new benefits to high-volume Sellers, Teespring is updating pricing to support your selling success. 

The goal of our pricing rebalance is to help you improve profitability with low-volume campaigns, and to encourage experimentation and innovation. Additionally, our pricing change is designed to better support the evergreen campaign selling model. Pricing for campaigns with less than or equal to 9 sold will be lowered by up to $4.00 per unit, depending on your monthly sales volume. To balance this significant price drop, screen printing prices will increase by a flat $0.37 on single-sided prints and $0.56 on double-sided prints, regardless of the number of ink colors.

Here are the highlights: 

Price Decreases – For campaigns less than or equal to 9 units, regardless of the number of colors, your pricing will decrease by between $1.00 to $4.00 (see more about Volume Discounts below). These changes are designed to help you test and find profitable winners, and allow campaigns to be successful in the long-term by enabling the “evergreen” selling strategy.  

Price Adjustments - Campaigns with more than 9 units will see moderate price increases of $0.37 for single-sided prints and $0.56 for double-sided prints, respectively.  For the average seller, this upward price adjustment is balanced out by the price decreases on lower run campaigns.

Volume Discounts – For the first time at Teespring, we are introducing a Volume Discount program which offers a per-unit discount on campaigns driving 9 units or fewer (i.e., primarily Digital printing), as your unit volume grows. Simply put, the more you sell, the more you save, and the bigger budget you have to experiment and find new winners with. Think of how you can fund future test budgets with your unit sales.  Upon launch, all Sellers with volume above 100 units per month qualify for a volume-based discount after opting-in.  As the program evolves, this qualifying tier is subject to change. 

Here is how the program works: Each month – based on your total unit volumes in the previous month – you will be classified into one of 6 selling tiers. Each of the 6 selling tiers is associated with a per unit discount. The per unit discount is multiplied by the total units driven by campaigns that generated nine or fewer units you sold in a given month, resulting in your total discount. The total discount is then credited to your account in the following month. There is no maximum! It’s up to you to, so impact your future unit pricing by stretching your current month’s efforts!  To participate in the Volume Discount Program, enter your Teespring Email address in this form.

Good news! To kick off the Volume Discount Program, we are allowing you to apply your November sales towards a discount for the month of November. This is essentially a your "free" month of discounts! Additionally, your November sales will determine your qualifying discount tier for December. Opt in before November 30th to claim this offer!


Join us on Monday for our 2015 Seller Update Q+A Webinar! (Choose 9AM EST or 5PM EST). Walker Williams, Teespring CEO, and Brian Marcus, VP of Seller Growth, will be online to answer any questions you might have. Enter questions or topics before Monday in this form.