Springing for the 4th of July

Special events have driven enormous sales recently and we think that the 4th of July will be huge! We will be creating and driving traffic to a 4th of July Teespring store and we'd love for you to get involved. To submit a campaign for consideration just tag it USA2015.

To help you be as successful as possible for the 4th of July, we put together this inspirational video. The video is geared towards those who sell tees with ads. If you haven't tried this yet and want to learn how, check out our Facebook ads section or advanced training videos. If not, no worries, there are more tips and tricks below.

Campaigns need to end by June 18th to arrive in time, so make sure to get started soon!

New Products

We just launched our Private Label tees! We designed it specifically with the Teespring community in mind. The quality and fit are top-notch, the color range is expansive, and the base price fits the bill. Look out for classic American colors including white, Deep Royal and Classic Red. Learn more about it here.


Our new guide on how to sell on Pinterest is live! Pinterest is a strong platform for promoting lifestyle-oriented campaigns and cold be a powerful channel for Independence Day tees. Learn more here.

If you're hosting an event or hanging with friends for the 4th, making Teespring Tees is a great way to get everyone involved. For tips on how to get tees out to your friends and community, check out the social media section of Teespring University.


Remember that campaigns running promotions show more than a 40% increase in conversions on average. You can set them up in your Teespring dashboard and market them as a  July 4th Special.