5 Ways to Boost Sales this Holiday Season!

As we all know, the holidays are the biggest time of the year for online sales and a huge opportunity to capitalize on past buyers! If you want to boost your sales even more then check out these 5 tips on how to increase unit sales this holiday season.

1. Holidize your ads!

Use tools like AdFactory to create and holidize your ads and feature discounts! Anyone with a Teespring account can use Adfactory for free; once you’ve logged in select “campaigns” and add your campaign URL.  You can upload custom backgrounds and images to give a “holiday” feel to your advertisements.

2.Use Teespring’s Buyer Message Tool

If you are not using Teespring’s Buyer Message Tool you are missing out on sales! You’re able to message buyers from any of your previously successful campaigns up to 3 times a week; you can use messages to tell them about new designs or thank them for supporting your campaign. Since they’ve already purchased items from one of your campaigns, it’s likely they’ll be interested in new campaigns with similar designs...how could you not take advantage of this awesome opportunity to increase sales?


If you are using the Buyer Message Tool but notice your conversion rates are low make sure you’re not committing the following mistakes;

  • Emailing buyers too frequently; we understand that you want to get the word out about your new campaigns, but instead of sending an email for each new campaign, what if you include links/images to all your campaigns or create a store link? This way you’re not overloading customers with emails and you’re able to share multiple campaigns in one message!
  • Emailing the same buyers with the same content; if you’ve emailed your buyers once about a particular campaign, you don’t need to message them over and over again. It’s good to notify them when a new design is available, and maybe once again before the campaign ends, but avoid emailing them 3 times a week about the same campaign!
  • Not using pre-made templates; you can use Teespring’s pre-made message templates to make sure your emails look good! If you want to customize your message try incorporating image(s) from your campaign and hyperlinks as well (linking to the campaign page). We suggest hyperlinking the image and a call-to-action, for example “Buy Now!”

3.Use Teespring’s Discount Codes (especially for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!)

Discounts can be an important factor for many buyers around the world, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Discount codes can be even more effective in promoting sales if you use them in conjunction with the Buyer Message Tool.

This is an example of what customers see when they click on an ad featuring your discount URL. The currency displayed is based on the viewer's location.

4.Make "Winter" items your featured product 

Leading campaigns with "cold weather" products can help increase conversions and profit margin; every year we see a big spike in the number of hoodies and sweatshirts sold from October to February. Also, one of this year’s hottest trends is “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and it’s easy for you to get in on the action! If you’ve had a top-selling design, let’s say for a hunting niche, why not adapt your design as an “ugly sweater”? You can target the same niche and use the buyer message tool to notify past customers of your new limited edition design (check out Luuk's tips for selling these items)!

5.Reuse bestselling campaigns in new markets

If you’re not reusing your bestselling designs in new markets you are missing out! Niches like bikers, pet-lovers, sports, jobs, etc. work just as well in Europe and Australia as they do in the US and vice versa! If you’ve got a successful niche and want to expand your buyer market learn more about how to reuse your designs in new markets!