Springing After the Holidays

It might be too late to guarantee a December 24th delivery for your buyers. But there's never been a better time to create a Teespring campaign!  In fact, the weeks after the holiday buying rush are an amazing time to create campaigns.  The cost of paid advertising is low, and customers are still looking to shop!

Here's a quick guide on how to make the most of it.

Why now?

Traffic and Purchase Intent is High!

People are on their phones while traveling, and often inside on their computers on vacation. Read more about this trend on the Internet retailer blog! This means that the Holidays and the weeks after give the same upside for campaigning that weekends do. 

Check out this graph that show Teespring sales trends from last year! While Christmas Eve and Christmas Day saw a slight dip in sales (family time, for many!) we still saw record sales all the way through February. 

Give yourself the best gift of all: make campaigns!

Give yourself the best gift of all: make campaigns!

Teespring data aside, we decided to take a peek at other industry trends. The news is good - retail sales are higher than ever before this season, matching the highest estimate of economists surveyed by the folks at Bloomberg News. As internet Retailer suggested, online sales were up as much as 15% this year. What does this mean for you? The market is healthier than ever and consumers are ready to spend! 

Cost of Advertising is Low

Big brands start to lay off on advertising, especially after the main holiday rush.  Data from Facebook suggests that ad costs go down as big brands lay off of advertising.  Social Code points out that the times after what appear to be big retail spikes provide golden opportunities to drive a ton of low cost traffic, read about it here. 


Visually Compelling Ads

A good-looking ad can be the different between a winner and a dud. We recommend testing at least two different versions of your ads before scaling up your advertising spend. Check out the initial results on these two advertisements. I bet you can guess which one had more sales, in the end!

Some great tools to create eye-catching advertisements are free services like Pagemodo or Canva.

Take Advantage of New Features and Products

People are on the hunt for deals all the way up to and past the holiday shopping craze. Give the people what they want with our promotion feature - it's super easy to offer free shipping, or a few dollars off your campaign. 

In fact, campaigns using discounts have been proven to increase conversion rates by an average of 40%. Try working promotions into campaigns that are just getting started, near finished, or in your retargeting!

Think about creating a shirt that might appeal to an audience you've sold to in the past. Our messaging tool allows you reach buyers of any old campaign. Hundreds of Teespringers have earned thousands without any advertising costs, just by contacting previous audiences with new campaigns. 

Use Google Trends

Google Trends is a great resource for researching the seasonality, geography, search trends for specific terms. Check out this graph as an example. With the new year, we know that EVERYONE is looking for that New Year's resolution. 

Wouldn't you know it - we can see here that the phrase "working out" is searched most often in the month of January. This is an amazing indicator of the strength of a market. 

Launch a Ton of Campaigns

We've been digging through stats and found one simple trick to up your game and make more money. It's a simple trick - ready? This is the secret sauce to springing success. Launch a ton of campaigns!

More campaigns means the chance for additional experimentation with different niches, designs, and advertisements. We see this over and over again - the more often a Teespringer tries, the more often they succeed! 

When Springers increased the number of campaigns they were launching by 237% it resulted in a sales boost of 177%. The best part? The average number of units per campaign launched increased by more than 5%!

That's it for now. Happy post-holiday campaigning!