Springing for Father's Day

Mother's Day was HUGE! So let's do it big for Father's Day too.  In the coming weeks people will be asking themselves: "what to get dad?!" To ensure that your tee resonates with the Father's Day gift seekers of the world, you'll need to consider a few questions.

What do dads like? What t-shirts do they wear?! These queries are older than time, but we'll do our best to help you find the answers!

We realized that our best shot at cracking the "Dad code" would be to observe the dads under our noses... Teespring Dads! As is par for the course with most winning tees, the perfect dad design is a specific blend of interests with dadness. Fathers like tees with pets, hobbies, sports and professions as much as they like their coffee with the morning newspaper! 

Take a look, get inspired, and make sure that your campaign ends by June 5th to ensure delivery by Father's Day. 

 We took a visit to each of our 4 offices (San Francisco, Providence, Hebron, London) to gather some Daddy data ... here's what we found: 


Tee: American Apparel Triblend

Kids: 3 (16, 14, 11)

Dad Superpower: Threat of rationing electronic devices (often avoidable though)

Culinary Specialty: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Highlights: Uninterrupted family downtime

JORDAN SHEPARD, lead production artist, KENTUCKY

Tee: Canvas Ringspun V-neck

Kids: 1 (1-year-old daughter)

Dad Superpower: Playing airplane and singing, her favorite song is Pretty Woman 

Culinary Specialty: Banana pudding with vanilla custard 

Highlights: Watching her enormous curiosity when she is experiencing something new


Tee: American Apparel Crew

Kids: 2 (6 months and 2, both girls)

Dad Superpower: Singing "You Are My Sunshine" before bed

Culinary Specialty: Grilled Cheese

Highlights: Coming home from work to laughter, smiling and screaming.


Tee: Hanes Tagless Tee

Kids: 3 (10, 8, 6 all girls!)

Dad Superpower: Confiscating offender's toys for a period of time depending on the offense (usually X-box)

Culinary Specialty: Full English Breakfast and Sunday Roast

Highlights: Watching school performances, birthdays, camping as a family 



We released Up-Sells in open beta just in time for Father's Day. Up-Sells are a great way to encourage your customers to purchase additional items from the same campaign at the point of checkout. Check out the blog for more information on how to get setup.


Remember that campaigns running promotions show more than a 40% increase in conversions on average. You can set them up in your Teespring dashboard and market them as a Father's Day special.


Once you've decided what t-shirt designs you want to sell, to whom you want to sell them and what product you want to use, you're ready to get the word out!

Facebook's ad manager allows a number of options for promoting both to dads and people interested in dad apparel. For example, to target wives you could target married women. Then to get more specific, narrow it down to expecting parents or parents broken down by age group of their children. Parents with different age kids will be at different stages in their lives. You can then add interests from there.

Bonus points if you can get creative and figure out a way to target young adults trying to figure out what kinds of gifts to get for their dads.

You can also find unique and less expensive ways to target dads or family members who like specific things by running ads to people who are interested in blogs or people related to that thing. For example: rather than targeting relatives of dads who like soccer, you could target relatives of dads who like a specific soccer player.

While wives and family members are good targets for gift givers, dads always love to show dad pride so you shouldn't forget about them as you launch your campaigns.  Remember, there are so many kinds of dads, and Grandpas are dads too!

For more tips on promotion, check out the social media section of Teespring University. If you want to get deep into advertising you can watch our advanced training videos