Holiday 2015: Ty's Tips

Learn top tips and tricks for an awesome holiday sales season from Teespring mastermind Ty Huls.

Key Takeaways

eCommerce Market Data

  • 2015 is shaping up to be a strong Holiday season
  • Retail ecommerce sales expected to rise +14% YOY
  • eCommerce projected to reach 9% of total retail holiday season sales
  • Mobile commerce expected to grow +32% YOY
  • Social continues to fuel gift inspiration

Ty’s View on the Opportunity

  • More buyers
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Customers more likely to buy for others

Tips for Success

  1. Launch more, and often
    1. More inventory / more revenue
    2. Great time to add incremental boost with new ideas
    3. If normal rate is 1x/week, consider launching 2x/week
  2. Use assets from past campaigns
    1. You don’t necessarily need to holidize, just need to launch
    2. You can holidize your niches, but everyone is buying in general during the holidays so keep launching!
  3. Holidize to your preference
    1. Pure Holiday shirt
    2. Niche shirt – Holiday theme
  4. Think promotionally
    1. Free shipping is still a top priority for consumers
  5. Test test test
    1. Try new inventory this year
      1. Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter / Google
      2. Facebook Flex targeting - Cross with Holiday interests?
    2. Always fertile ground: Ad Styles, Garment Colors, Ad Platforms

Ty’s Holiday History

Holiday season is getting longer and longer


  • Started Around Black Friday
  • Strong Right Up To Christmas


  • Started Earlier – November 1st
  • Lasted Longer – End of February


  • My Hoodie season started Sept 1st
  • Holiday picked up in October
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters came out early

Final thoughts

  • Get your design work done on time
  • Scale winners throughout the holiday
  • Really about re-launching campaigns
  • Use it or lose it

Good luck, and have a great Holiday selling season!