Top holiday selling tips from a European Power Seller

2015 could be the biggest year for holiday sales in Europe to date! Over the last year Luuk Olde Bijvank has worked to become a top seller in various EU markets and he’s kindly agreed to share some tips with the Springer community. Continue reading for useful insight based on Luuk’s selling experience and learn more about how to maximize unit sales during the biggest shopping days of the year!

1. Are there particular niches to look out for in Europe during the holiday season?

Ugly Christmas sweaters DO work in Europe! As a matter of fact, they work really well. We have sold many ugly Christmas sweaters designs so far this year as well as our Teeninja students too. My best tip for creating a successful ugly sweater campaign is to take your bestselling campaigns and turn them into an “ugly sweater” design (click here for free “ugly sweater” templates and examples). Then mail your previous buyers about your new “Limited Edition Christmas sweater” design. We always get initial sales on our Christmas sweater campaigns this way; the campaigns usually tip after we contact past buyers, creating social proof before we even start advertising on Facebook! By messaging new designs to past buyers you can make it easier to sell even more items.

                            Example of adapting a “hunting” design for an Ugly Christmas Sweater

                            Example of adapting a “hunting” design for an Ugly Christmas Sweater

We focus on our bread and butter niches during the holidays; like I said, stick to the things you know work and incorporate the holiday theme into a new design. In the end most of your past buyers celebrate Christmas so this is the best approach.

2. What are you anticipating for big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the EU?

During the holidays last year I was still a rookie when it came to selling tees online, but for the 2015 season we’re definitely planning to take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends. We’ll base our ads around these special shopping days (ad copy and images) and offer discount codes to new and past buyers (using Teespring's buyer messaging tool).

3. Apart from Facebook ads, have you noticed ads on other platforms working for EU campaigns?

We are currently trying Instagram ads, but we’re still in early testing stages.  I love to think outside the box, like contacting website owners to reach new audiences for example. We’ve had joint ventures with some websites (paying them a fixed fee or a percentage for sales) that worked pretty well for us. I don’t think many t-shirt marketers do this. It will only take you a few minutes to write a message template and send it to the top 10-20 websites for your niches. If they allow you to use a retargeting pixel you can build a long term asset for your business too!

4. What is your selling approach for the holiday season?

We are already scaling campaigns. We actually started mid-October with this. Q4 is by far the most important quarter; there is a bigger profit margin on hoodies and the holidays are coming soon! People also receive their end-of-year bonus in December; i.e. they have more money to spend. If you are planning to push sales during the holidays, now is the time to do so. Always lead your campaigns with hoodies and make sure they are Christmas themed (also your ads of course). We are also planning to do special buyer promotions for our existing buyer base; we’ll give them free shipping and some other holiday specials. I expect the biggest boom in sales to come just before the 15th since we’ll announce the specials are  “only available till December 15th”.

5. Are there any tips you can offer other sellers who are new to EU markets or for first time holiday sellers?

I think the best tips are highlighted in my answers above; the best advice I can give is to work extra hard during November and December because it’s the most profitable time of the year! Make sure you review your best sellers and adapt them for Christmas and the holidays.