Homepage Categories

Have you noticed the new campaign categories on Teespring.com? We get tons of visitors to our homepage each day, creating a great opportunity for sellers to capitalize on extra exposure for their campaigns!

                                     Examples of categories currently featured on teespring.com

                                     Examples of categories currently featured on teespring.com

 The categories featured on the homepage are based on popular campaign themes, i.e. jobs, family, pets, etc. We use a tagging system to select campaigns, so if you’d like to get your campaign featured keep reading!

How to add tags to your campaigns

When setting up a campaign, make sure to include relevant tags that are related to your design, as shown in the image below: 

                                 This is where you can add tags to your campaign

                                 This is where you can add tags to your campaign

Tag examples

Popular tags you can use when setting up EU and US campaigns include:

  • pet
  • hobby
  • speed demons (tag for the "Need for Speed"category on EU homepage)
  • grandparent
  • nurse
  • wine
  • cars
  • bikers
  • motorcycles
  • cycling
  • sports
  • languages (i.e. use tags such as "german", "italian", "spanish", "dutch")
  • international
  • engineer 
  • mechanic
  • beverages
  • jobs
  • rugby
  • wife
  • military
  • husband
  • mother
  • father
  • coffee
  • ugly christmas (for ugly Christmas sweaters)
  • christmas 

You must opt-in to have your campaigns featured

Please keep in mind featured campaigns are not only selected using tags; there are other factors that affect which campaigns are displayed.  If you tag your campaigns correctly however, you can increase the chances of being featured! Only sellers who have opted-in for “Feature my campaigns in the Teespring Marketplace” will have their campaigns featured. You can adjust this setting within your Teespring account.

Don’t forget: If your campaign title is “limited edition” for example, it’s more difficult for us to determine what category your campaign belongs in, for this reason it’s important to add accurate tags to your campaigns!