Springing for Mother's Day


We've all found ourselves on the lookout for the perfect mother's day gift, struggling at the last minute to figure out what to get only to come up short. But this Mother's Day, you can be the saving grace of daughters, sons and husbands everywhere.

Last year Mother's Day was a great time for creating tees, and with a little creativity you can ensure that a Teespring tee will make the perfect gift.

This year campaigns must end by April 27th at 10pm Eastern for delivery by Mother's Day, so get started now.

Here are some tips and best practices for engaging customers and promoting your campaigns for Mother's Day. In this walkthrough you'll find:

  • Tee Inspiration and Products
  • New Features
  • Promotion Guide


Be Specific

The more specific your tees, the more exciting they will be. Take a look at other campaigns: can you shift them to be about moms? You can make tees for all kinds of moms or Kids' shirts that people can buy as gifts.

For example, a tee geared towards women who grew up in Rhode Island but live in California could become a tee for moms who grew up in Rhode Island but now live in California.

In the past, Mother's Day tees that have sold the best have been geared towards:

  • Sports
  • Jobs
  • Hobbies
  • Fundraisers
  • Pets 

In addition to the old favorites, we are now offering a variety of new American Apparel and Gildan products that are perfect for Mother's Day. These are all more premium products than standard tees, which will make them great gifts. The Bella Flowy tank and American Apparel Triblend are especially nice.


Kids', Toddler, and Baby tees also can be great gifts for the Mother's Day season:


Team Accounts

If you work with a business parter or run campaigns with a team you can now grant different access levels to everybody in your group. We currently offer three tiers of access, so the whole team can get involved launching for Mother's Day:

4 and 5xl Hoodies and Long Sleeve Tees

We want to accommodate springers of all sizes, so we've expanded our product offerings to include even more size options. On campaigns where 4xl and 5xl products are currently offered they drive 6.5% incremental sales.


Remember that campaigns running promotions show more than a 40% increase in conversions on average. You can set them up in your Teespring dashboard and market them as a Mother's Day special.


Once you've decided what t-shirt designs you want to sell, to whom you want to sell them and what product you want to use, you're ready to get the word out!

Facebook's ad manager allows a number of options for promoting both to mothers and people interested in mom apparel. For example, to target husbands you could target married men. Then to get more specific, narrow it down to expecting parents or parents broken down by age group of their children. Parents with different age kids will be at different stages in their lives. You can then add interests from there.

Bonus points if you can get creative and figure out a way to target young adults trying to figure out what kinds of gifts to get for their moms.

You can also find unique and less expensive ways to target moms or family members who like specific things by running ads to people who are interested in blogs or people related to that thing. For example: rather than targeting relatives of mothers who like golf, you could target relatives of mothers who like a specific golfer.

While husbands and family members are good targets for gift givers, moms always love to show mom pride so you shouldn't forget about them as you launch your campaigns.  Remember, there are so many kinds of moms, and Grandmas are moms too!

For more tips on promotion, check out the social media section of Teespring University. If you want to get deep into advertising you can watch our advanced training videos