Kiss Me, I Spring on St. Patrick's Day




Last year Springers drove in huge sales for St. Patrick's day. Everyone needs one St. Patrick’s day shirt. But for the most part, they only need one! Make sure that yours is the first and the best they see. Campaigns must end by Feb. 26th for delivery on March 17th, so get started now.

Whether you make your living on Teespring 

Here are some holiday tips and best practices for engaging customers and promoting your business online. In this walkthrough you'll find:

  • Tee Inspiration
  • New Feature Guide
  • St. Patrick's Day Products


Be Specific

The same principles that guide regular Teespringing apply to St. Patrick's day springing: the more specific you are the more exciting your tee will be. You can mix St. Patrick's day phrases and Irish colors with professions, interests, or other niches. Check these out:


Download templates here to get a jump start on you St. Patty's design.

Keep it Simple

Don't overthink it. An awesome thing about St. Patrick's day springing is that all of the elements are there for you. Put a white design on a green or black tee. If you want to get fancy you can include the colors of the Irish flag. 


Cross Sells

Teespring's recently released cross-sells allow you to show your customers additional items that they might be interested in purchasing but would not have otherwise known existed. If a buyer purchases from your Teespring store, they will see a selection of other items from that store after checkout. We've seen a 10% increase in sales from Springers using storefronts. 

Better Buyer Messaging

If you think any of your past buyers would like a St. Patty's shirt, make sure to take advantage of our messaging platform. We've updated the messenger to be easier to use than ever, so you can send your buyers beautiful, custom emails.

O'leary EmailCroped.png

St. Patrick's day products

Last year our top selling St. Patty's tees were the Hanes Tagless Tee as a standard option, Canvas Ringspun tee for a premium one, and the Women's Fit Tee for a Ladies' fit. They sold best in the following colors:


Once you've decided what t-shirt designs you want to sell, to whom you want to sell them, and what product you want to use, you're ready to get the word out!

For more tips on promotion, check out the social media section of Teespring University. If you want to get deep into advertising you can watch our advanced training videos