Universal Tips on Relating to Your Audience

Okay, let’s get started by thinking about promotional strategy. The strategy will depend on your intended audience and where you’re most likely to find them. 

Admittedly, there are an infinite number of ways to promote your tee. The most efficient and effective method, however, directly depends on your relationship to your audience.

first, let's ask ourselves:

Does my audience know who I am? Do I have their personal emails?

If your answer is yes:

Good job! You’re on the right track. Your next step in optimizing your promotional strategy is to strengthen and utilize those existing relationships. Best practices include regularly keeping in touch and maintaining engagement. See Email Marketing to Keep in Touch and Reengage for a guide on how to connect with and retain a preexisting following.

if your answer is no:

In this case, you’ll need to “build” your audience yourself by using Facebook advertising. Check out Facebook Ads to Reach Unamassed Communities for best practices on how to use Facebook ads. 

Remember:  each campaign is different, and therefore each must uniquely identify the best way to reach its potential buyers. In many cases, a successful campaign will utilize some combination these two strategies to engage their audience. 

Depending on what you’d like to learn next, choose the section most applicable to your method of promotion.