Welcome to the promotion section of Teespring University! 

You’ve made it! And if you’ve made it this far, you’ve already done most of the work. That means you’ve already identified, researched, and understood your tee’s intended audience, and created a relevant and resonant design for them. 

Now you need a way to get your t-shirt in front of your intended audience.

And we plan to tell you how. But first -- if you haven’t already -- we recommend reading through our Audience and Design chapters to bring you up to speed and make sure we're all on the same page as we move forward. 

Most first-time Teespring creators don’t have prior marketing or promotional experience, so if this is your first time, you are not alone. Here’s the rundown. There are two main ways to promote your tee: 

  1. By Directly interacting with your audience.
  2. Facebook Ad targeting.

Both methods can be useful in a variety of different cases. In this chapter, we will guide you through how to apply these methods to your own campaigns and make them a success. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us on our answers page.