C'mon, now - let's hit it out of the park!

 While there are plenty of new features coming soon to a dashboard near you, we weren't ready to slow down on getting our next contest out the door! Needless to say, we're psyched that spring is nearly in full swing. 

A few weeks back, you might have noticed the release of one of our favorite products to date - the American Apparel Raglan tee. These 3/4 sleeve tees are unisex, making them perfect for male and female shoppers of any age (and any niche!)

Same as the last few contest (except for two new rules below), sell the most Raglan tees before April 10th, and win up to an extra $5,000 on top of your campaign profits. The top three winners will also receive early access to new features being tested, such as the upcoming Facebook Ads dashboard. 


You can find competition details and rules below.


  • You must sign up with the Teespring email associated with your account
  • All campaigns must exist under one Teespring email
  • Competition winners will be asked to complete a short survey before receiving their winnings


  • New Rule: All Raglan tees sold between Friday, March 20th at 3pm ET and April 10th, 12pm ET on tipped campaigns will be counted towards your final total! No need to end your campaigns early.

  • New Rule: Although we suggest a sales price of $27.50 based on the data we're seeing, the sale price is up to you. However, for this contest you can't sell or discount the Raglan below $20. 

  • Units sold for below $20 (including coupons/discounts) won't be counted towards your competition results - but you will still get the profit from their sale.

  • There are no limits to how many campaigns you can create

  • Purchasing orders from your own campaign will result in disqualification
  • Maximum of one prize allotted per Teespring user
  • Orders from buyers that are cancelled will be deducted from total units sold
  • By entering the contest, you agree to allow Teespring to publicly disclose your identity, your design(s), and how many products were sold as part of the results announcements
  • Play nice! Teespring reserves the right to disqualify entrants for inappropriate behavior that goes against the spirit of the contest

 In order to be eligible to win, make sure to sign up below with the email linked to your Teespring account. You'll be sent an email from Mailchimp about your subscription - make sure to confirm!

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Live Leaderboard

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