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Student to Superstar Entrepreneur

Sales doesn’t have to be in your DNA in order to be a businessman. All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit, as demonstrated by Florida International University biology major Marc Boulos

“I’ve always been interested in business,” Marc says. So when a friend told the college junior about Teespring, he was instantly intrigued by the possibilities. He began launching campaigns in earnest this past June, making shirts for photographers, veterans, painters and military personnel. He’s since moved on to making shirts for high school juniors and seniors.

In total, Marc has spent about $28,000 on paid advertisements for him campaign, results in over $63,000 of revenue. Overall, Marc has made over $35,000 in profits.

Even better, he’s taught himself how to run a small business from his bedroom, giving him valuable work experience that will be applicable to whatever he chooses to do after he graduates from college. Not bad for a side project he only spends five to seven hours on per week.

How did he do it?

Marc says a friend tipped him off about Teespring and he quickly starting trying the service out for himself. “Teespring has a really simple system, so after I learned about the technical aspects of advertising and targeting, I really honed in on how to build an audience.”

His biggest tip for others looking to sell on Teespring? “This is cheesy, but don’t give up,” he says. “I have one friend who quit after three shirts in a row didn’t sell. As for me, my first 30 to 40 campaigns only sold five shirts collectively — five!” Marc laughs. “Plus, I spent $400 on ads, so I was really out of pocket.”

Marc rocking one of his best-selling tees

Marc rocking one of his best-selling tees

The key in the beginning is simply trial and error, he says. Though he eventually figured out what types of shirts sold best for him, he adds that he still makes plenty of shirts that don’t sell. The main difference is that he’s less emotional about it. “In the beginning, I would get bummed out if a shirt I liked didn’t sell. Now, it bothers me less.”

Living La Vida Teespring

In addition to making money, Marc has discovered several unexpected perks from running Teespring campaigns.

First, because he’s been putting the payments for his Teespring Facebook ads on his credit card, he’s been racking up airline miles. He was recently even able to treat his girlfriend to an all-expenses paid trip to New York City based on his credit card points alone.

Secondly, because Marc uses his Teespring profits to pay off his credit card every month, he has an excellent credit score. “It’s better than most adults’ scores,” he says. “It’s especially useful for me, because I’m young and this gives me a solid foundation for the future.”

As for biology? Marc is happy to just focus on his shirts for now. “I’m going to keep going until I can’t make the shirts anymore,” he says. “I may slow down a little if I don’t have enough time, but Teespring is a rapidly growing company and it’s really changed my life.”