It's an Olympic Year- time to put your training to the test! For the Olympic Season, we will run monthly Games to help keep your training regimen on track.  For the Teelympics, you will compete against your team consisting of similar tee-athletes for a monthly shot at a place on the podium! 


For the first Game in the Teelympics, we are getting back on track. Read more about your unique Goal for February here- the sprint for a spot on the podium starts on February 1st! 


Click here to view the Official Teelympics rules along with what's in store for the Champions!

Get your Sprint on! 

Lace up the 'ol racing shoes because the 100M dash is the first Game in the Teelympics. Check your Teespring email for your unique goal and team, and sign up for the Teelympics in the form below if you did not receive one. 

Challenge #1 Rules

  • In order to qualify for a spot on the podium, you must reach your goal

  • The bronze, silver, and gold medals will be awarded based upon the # of units you sell past your goal

  • The top Springer who sells the most units past their goal will win a gold medal, second place gets the silver, and third place gets the bronze. 

  • You will compete against only other Springers on your team. (Ex. If you are on the Blue team, you will be competing against other Blue Springers)

  • Medal winners will receive actual Teelympics medals to their home addresses by March 10th at the latest

Questions? Ask 'em.

Didn't get a goal or team? enter your details below!

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Real Life Name

March is the month of Merch! For the second Game of the Teelympics, from March 1st - March 31st, Athletes will hit the courts to shoot as many hoops as possible. But similar to the game of Basketball, some shots in Merch Madness will win you more points than others!

The Teelympic Games are heating up along with the weather! For Challenge #3, we're hitting the sand for Beach Volley to hopefully serve up some awesome results.

But what's a volleyball match without a teammate to high five? Here's how to get in the game for Challenge #3: Beach Volleyball:

  1. Opt into the challenge by entering your details in the form below
  2. We will randomly assign you with a partner with a similar selling level
  3. For the month of April, you will root on your team mate, trying to sell as many collective units as possible!
  4. At the end of month, we will average your units with your teammates. The team with the highest numbers will both win spots on the podium! 

To receive your Beach Volleyball partner, enter your details in the form below! 

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Gymnastics - Score the Perfect 10!

You hit the sand for Beach Volleyball in April, but now it’s time to trade your swimsuits for leotards. Gymnastics is an sport that requires strength, endurance and a little bit of style. That’s why for this month’s challenge winners will need to exemplify all three to earn a spot on the podium!

Challenge #4: Gymnastics

To win: Now’s the time to dig deep and master a brand new niche! No one ever scores a perfect ten without practice, so start doing some research (check out page XXX for some fresh inspiration!)

At the end of March, the sellers with the most units sold in an entirely new niche will take home a Teelympic medal.

To qualify a “new niche” campaign, enter “Teelympics” as one of the tags along with a description of your design’s category.


Teelympic June Challenge: Platform Diving

Dip your toes into new waters! Take home $2 extra for every sales you make selling tees on non FB platforms. 

We know that if online advertising platforms competed in the Teelympics, Facebook would take home the gold medal every time. But while Facebook’s targeting tools have long reigned king, other social media platforms are quickly picking up steam. How do we know? We’ve recently seen more and more Springers have great success on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!

For June’s Teelympic challenge, we want you to dive head first into a different method of advertising. The rules are simple: use Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or elsewhere to drive traffic to your campaign (paid, or otherwise). At the end of June, we’ll take a look at traffic sources to determine how many units you’ve sold off of FB - and give you $2 extra for each one!

So don’t be scared to make a splash, Springers, it’s time to take a leap of faith! Score the perfect 10!  Give us the best combo of skill, originality, and bravery and win big. See you at the pool!


Teelympics Official Rules

  • The Teelympics will run from February 1st at 12AM EST to August 31st at 11:59PM EST. 
  • A new Game will be announced monthly for the 7 months of The Teelympics
  • Every Springer will be given a team based upon their selling history with Teespring. There are 5 teams: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Each month we will award a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal to the top 3 sellers on each team. Winners will receive an actual medal by mail to commemorate the win!
  • Medals will count for points that you can collect throughout the Games. (Gold =3, Silver = 2, Bronze =1) 
  • At the end of the Teelympics, we will crown one champion from each of the 5 teams. The champions will be determined based on how many points they've earned throughout the Games. (Ex: If you've won 2 gold medals and 3 bronze medals, your total would be 9 points!)
  • The top 5 Champions will win a 3 day 2 night all-inclusive trip to the Teespring facility of their choice in San Francisco, Kentucky, or London. We will work with each winner to design a custom trip to suit every unique preference! 
  • Not everyone will make the podium in the Teelympics, but there are other ways for athletes to stand out! We will send swag galore throughout the Games for "Good Sportsmanship", "Personal Records", "Best in Country", and more.