Get your Sprint on! 

Lace up the 'ol racing shoes because the 100M dash is the first Game in the Teelympics. Check your Teespring email for your unique goal and team, and sign up for the Teelympics in the form below if you did not receive one. 

Challenge #1 Rules

  • In order to qualify for a spot on the podium, you must reach your goal

  • The bronze, silver, and gold medals will be awarded based upon the # of units you sell past your goal

  • The top Springer who sells the most units past their goal will win a gold medal, second place gets the silver, and third place gets the bronze. 

  • You will compete against only other Springers on your team. (Ex. If you are on the Blue team, you will be competing against other Blue Springers)

  • Medal winners will receive actual Teelympics medals to their home addresses by March 10th at the latest

Questions? Ask 'em.

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Real Life Name