Europe loves the holidays! In fact, around 20% of European online sales for the year will land during the Christmas season and Europeans will spend over €2 billion during peak online shopping days. It’s definitely a market you won’t want to miss this season!

Your European campaigns can even join in on popular American shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, Black Friday saw sales of €35 billion in Europe and Cyber Monday recorded sales upwards of £650 million in the UK alone. We saw lots of successful campaigns last year during these days so get those campaigns running nice and early to take advantage of them!

You may be wondering what kind of products and designs sell best during this season...well look no further because our 2015 Guide to the Holidays will give you all the information you need. Keep reading for tips, important dates, free design templates and translations, and more!

Top Products For the Holidays

Everyone loves a cosy hoodie, especially during these cold winter months. But don’t forget about sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, long sleeve tees and totes bags! These are all great for winter and gift giving!

The recommended selling price for our hoodies and sweatshirts is £22-£34 / €23-€35 / $24-$38. We recommend £12-£22 / €13-€23 / $14-$24 for our standard tees including long sleeves, and £12-£20 / €13-€21/ $14-$22 for tote bags which feature a large printable area for customization on the front and back and can be featured in campaigns with other standard items.

Design Ideas

T-shirts & hoodies make great presents for the whole family! Think about what people are passionate about: their professions, hobbies, family, culture, nationality, sports teams, hometowns, pets, etc. Look around Teespring University for some ideas on how to get started in Europe and then come up with a killer design and watch the holiday sales pour in! You can also download one of our free design templates below to get you started. Just click on the link below to download a zip folder with our PSD templates. Open them with Photoshop and edit them as you wish!


(We’ll be adding new designs every Wednesday so watch this space!)

Dates to Remember

Common Translations

You don’t always need to translate your campaigns to other languages but you may reach a wider audience if you do! We’ve put together a list of common phrases you may want to use in your campaign descriptions, including some holiday-specific ones. 


Click on the button above to download the full PDF with the translations in: German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish.

For even more holidays-related translations, CLICK HERE.