Using Google AdWords to Drive Sales

Adwords Overview

Advertising on Google Adwords can be a powerful way to raise money for a cause or drive sales. AdWords allows you to bid on keywords that people are searching for on Google and serve an ad to those searchers. This allows you as the advertiser to ensure that the people who you are serving an ad to are high quality leads.

For example, if you are bidding on the keyword “Air Force grandma t shirts” in order to show an ad for Air Force grandma tees, you can be fairly certain that people searching for that keyword are looking to purchase Air Force grandma shirts specifically.

This focused targeting can be a great tool when you are running a Teespring campaign that revolves around a generic searchable topic, a recent event or a new trend. Recent events and new trends are inexpensive and drive big engagement well because of how the Adwords auction works. You can purchase ads pertaining to new events inexpensively because there was previously no search volume around the keywords pertaining to that event or trend. This is great for you, the advertiser, because you are able to drive cheap click traffic to your Teespring campaign from people who are actively looking to buy your product. Even if these searchers don’t convert, they are likely to share your campaign via social media.

AdWords Example

Here is an example of a highly successful Teespring campaign that used Google AdWords in order to capture search traffic to raise money for a great cause. The campaigner was kind enough to share their methodology with us. In this case they absorbed the cost of ad spend, using the tees as a way to augment their donation.

This Je Suis Charlie shirt was launched following the tragic shooting at the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo. In the days following the event there was an influx of “Je Suis Charlie shirt" related traffic on Google search. The campaign creator, looking for a way to help those trying to give back, was able to sell over 1,600 tees and donate $22,800 to the Committee to Protect Journalists from the proceeds. Due to their quick response, the Springer maximized the donation by driving tons of traffic to the campaign at extremely low CPCs (cost per click) with a high conversion rate.

JSC_total1 copy.png

Although many sales came directly from Adwords, many sales also came from people who landed on the campaign page and shared with friends on social media. People are particularly inclined to share a campaign when it strikes a chord with a cause they care for.

How to do it:

Keep Your Keyword List Tight

Only include keywords that directly pertain to your Adwords campaign. This will ensure that you are not serving an ad to people who have no interest in purchasing a t-shirt. It will also show Google that your ad is of high quality, which will help lower your CPCs.

If you need help with keyword expansions, you can utilize Google’s Keyword Planner tool to give you ideas or see a current keyword’s average monthly search volume. Keyword planner lets you see how many times a month people search for a keyword so you can understand what people are searching for and how often. It also gives you a sense of how much the keywords will cost.

Develop Targeted Ad Copy

This may seem like a no brainer but it is a very important step with can greatly affect your click through rate and quality score. A good quality score from Google can get you better positioning and lower prices.

Use the headline to precisely describe what your campaign is. For example: “Je Suis Charlie T-Shirt.” Next use the description lines tell the searchers more about your product, for example, “Help show your support and get the limited edition shirt now.” Lastly, be sure that your display URL is the URL of your campaign and that your destination URL is the same.


Set Your Bids According to Your Goals

You can either set a maximum bid for each keyword in your keyword list or you can use Google’s automatic bidding tool which varies the bid to increase your ads chance of being shown. To ensure you don't spend more than your target budget for a click, use Google's auto-bidding system. With Google's system, you can set your "Maximum Cost Per Click." If you need average CPC ideas per keyword, the Keyword Planner can be a great tool to utilize for insights.

You can also set the maximum you’d like to bid per conversion by turning conversion tracking on. This ensures that you don’t spend more on ads than you earn from selling tees. You must have at least 15 conversions in 30 days to use this. Read more about getting it set up here.


Keyword Optimize Your Teespring Campaign

In order to take advantage of the benefits a high quality score has to offer, make sure that your Teespring campaign page contains keywords that relates to the keywords you are bidding on in your Adwords account. You can do this by including words in the campaign title and description that are hyper-specific and related to your ads. If your campaign page doesn’t have relevant keywords your quality score will go down. Google will believe you to be misdirecting clickers of the ad to an irrelevant landing page and providing a bad experience for its users as a result.

You're All Set!

Just be sure to set an end date on your AdWords campaign that reflects the end date on your Teespring campaign. 

While this particular case study refers to a charitable campaign, Google Adwords is an amazing tool for any campaign related to a recently trending event that people are searching for.